VIDEO: Central California homeowner says renters trashed her home, 400 pot plants found


MADERA COUNTY (KRON) — A Madera County homeowner says she came home to find that her renters had nearly destroyed her house.

This week, Holiday Manly says authorities found more than 400 pot plants in her home.

She says renters tore apart the ceiling for ventilation, added another room in the garage, and even rewired the electrical system.

Closets were destroyed, doors were completely removed, and mold is growing from the ceiling.

Manly says the damage to her is shocking, but the betrayal is even worse.

“I’m very disappointed that people like them who seem so honest and everything would be doing something like this behind our backs,” Manly said. “They thrashed our house, and we trusted them to live here. We don’t even know where to begin or anything on what to do.”

The total cost of the damage has not been calculated yet.

Manly says she does not think her insurance will be able to cover all of the repairs.



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