VIDEO: Kevin Durant staring down Rihanna makes top Finals headlines

OAKLAND (KRON) — Thursday night the Warriors destroyed the Cleveland Cavaliers, an outcome most of Dub Nation expected to see.

Something unexpected, however, is the emergence of a sexy story line involving Kevin Durant and Pop sensation Rihanna.

Rihanna sat court-side in Oracle Arena last night, but she was there to root for the enemy. The well-known LeBron James fan was loud, animated, and persistent in her cheering.

Then came the moment where Golden State came up with a steal and Durant buried a three in transition right in front of Rihanna.

He followed his shot with a distinct stare-down on the Pop goddess.

When asked about the incident in a post-game press conference, Durant seemed to have caught a case of amnesia.

“I don’t even remember that,” the star Forward said to the media. “I’m cool. Have fun with that.”

But was he cool? Or was he internally blushing?

Some old Tweets from KD show there’s a little bit of history to the what unfolded last night:



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