Water advisory canceled in South San Francisco

UPDATE: Cal Water has cancelled the precautionary do-not-drink water advisory in South San Francisco.

Follow-up test results Saturday were normal and confirmed that water quality was not impacted by the breach at the utility’s facility early Friday morning.

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — People in the Sunshine Gardens area of South San Francisco are advised to drink bottled water over tap water Saturday morning, officials with the California Water Service said.

Around 9:53 a.m. on Friday, Colma police responded to a vandalized water tank in the 2500 block of Hillside Blvd.

Officers found that the lock to a vent on the tank had been cut and could have contaminated the water.

The first tests of the water found it safe, but results from additional testing won’t be back until this afternoon, Cal Water director of operations Darin Duncan said.

“We’re just trying to be ultra cautious,” Duncan said.

About 1,000 locations and about 3,000 people are affected.

Those people are being asked to use bottled water.

People who buy water can turn in their receipts to Cal Water to be reimbursed.

Duncan said free bottled water is available at 96 Chestnut Avenue in South San Francisco.

Cal Water officials will post the results of the additional water tests at http://www.calwater.com. The Cal Water customer center can be reached at (650) 558-7800.



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