VIDEO: Ghost Ship Fire victim’s mother speaks after 2 charged in deadly blaze


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — It has been just over six months since that deadly warehouse fire took the lives of 36 people, and many of the victims were young adults just starting out.

KRON4’s Maureen Kelly got reaction to the criminal charges from the mother of one of the victims who died, who is speaking publicly for the first time since the loss of her son.

Mary Vega didn’t want her face to appear on camera for fear of becoming too emotional.

She’s the mother of 22-year-old Alex Vega.

Alex’s longtime girlfriend, 20-year-old Michaela Gregory, also died in the Ghost Ship warehouse fire.

Mary says she got a call from the district attorney’s office Monday morning, letting them know about the arrest of Derrick Almena and Max Harris.

After she got off the phone, she went to the cemetery.

“I just wanted to be with my son,” Vega said.

Six months after the deadly blaze, she says she was hit with many emotions about criminal charges being filed Monday.

“Sadness, anger, I don’t want to be angry,” Vega said. “It’s not going to bring him back. I think what it…mostly is…sadness. But I do want justice. I want someone to be accountable for. I want someone to tell me, ‘I’m sorry.’ It’s not going to happen, but I want somebody to say, ‘I’m sorry, Mrs. Vega that you lost your son.'”

Vega has not visited the warehouse where her son and his girlfriend lost their lives, nor has she visited the memorials in Oakland honoring the victims, saying it’s just too much for her right now. But she says

But she says if there is a trial, she wants to be in the courtroom to see for herself someone being held accountable for the deaths of Alex, Michaela, and so many others.



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