VIDEO: Sierra LaMar’s parents react to Antolin Garcia-Torres getting life without parole for her murder


SAN JOSE (KRON) — Sierra LaMar’s parents can finally breathe a sigh of relief knowing their daughter’s murderer won’t be able to walk free.

The sentencing of Antolin Garcia-Torres was bittersweet for LaMar’s parents, particularly for her father who made it clear that this was not the outcome he was looking for.

Life without the possibility of parole is what a Santa Clara County jury decided on how the 26-year-old Garcia-Torres will spend the rest of his days for the 2012 murder of 15-year-old LaMar

“I am disappointed today,” Sierra’s father Steven LaMar said.

Outside the courthouse, Steven LaMar, Sierra’s father, did not hold back his displeasure with the jury’s decision.

“I would be lying if I didn’t say that I was disappointed in the verdict,” LaMar said. “He will be able to live, Sierra won’t. He will be able to breathe, Sierra doesn’t. He will be able to eat every day, see his family. We don’t have that. His family doesn’t grieve. We will grieve for the rest of our lives.”

Now that Garcia-Torres’ life has been spared, LaMar’s mother, Marlene, says he now has an opportunity to finally be honest about the role he played in her daughter’s murder.

“There are life-long consequences following evil actions, and he can make it right by being honest with himself, his family, our family, and with God,” Marlene said. “He will continue to live in bondage as long as he lives his life. I feel at peace that he will not be on the street and able to harm another child, but the angst will be in our lives forever. Nothing will ever take that away.”

Some of the volunteers who searched for Sierra echoed her parents’ dissatisfaction with the sentence

“The verdict was very disappointing to me,” said one volunteer, who did not reveal his name. “We spent five years for this, and for it to come to this, it’s not right.”

Sierra’s father says now the family must find a way to go on, which will be difficult for them.

However, her dad says the family will never give up looking for Sierra.



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