VIDEO: BART creates comprehensive website for passengers that maps criminal activity


OAKLAND (KRON) — BART has announced that it is giving passengers a new way to keep track of crimes happening on the transit system–a comprehensive website that maps the details of criminal activity on and off BART property.

On Tuesday, BART’s deputy police chief showed KRON4’s Haaziq Madyun how the crime-mapping website works.

Deputy Chief Ed Alvarez talked with Haaziq about a sex crimes arrest made at the Walnut Creek BART Station on Jun. 2 at 8:40 a.m.

“That was basically a person that got contacted that was a sex registrant that failed to register and was placed under arrest,” Alvarez said.

Information on that arrest can be found on the internet now that BART is uploading crime data on the web.

“It works by people logging onto the internet and going to the website at and what they do, they select an area or point of interest,” Alvarez said.

Once you do that, pin drops will appear showing the locations, dates, and times of where crimes have occurred, within 24 hours of the crime taking place.

“This right here will show a crime that occurred at the West Oakland BART Station and by clicking on it, it tells you there were multiple reports, and you look over to the right, it will tell you the kind of crime it was,” Alvarez said. This one was disturbing the peace that occurred on the 31st of this month.”

Bart officials say increasing public access to BART crime data is an important part of the transit agency’s new transparency initiative.

“This gives you the information at your fingertips,” Alvarez said. “There is no reason not to know what is going on. The information is out there, it updates daily, gives you parameters to search on a daily basis or a monthly basis, to give you a good snapshot of the area you are traveling to and from or where you live. So, we are definitely excited about it, putting that information out there, letting our customers know that everything we will know, you will know as well.”

You can access the website on your desktop, laptop, or get the CrimeMapping app for your cellphone.



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