VIDEO: Teens steal 21 state vehicles from downtown Sacramento parking garage; 6 in custody


SACRAMENTO (KRON) — California state vehicles are becoming a popular target for thieves, and it is a growing problem in the state.

More often than not, when police find them, the cars have plowed into something. And the suspects aren’t even supposed to be behind the wheel.

The state parks its cars in downtown Sacramento in the Department of General Services Fleet Garage.

And it is literally a fleet of cars that have gone missing from this garage. Twenty-one state trucks were stolen, but not gone for long.

By Tuesday, they would start showing up all around Sacramento.

One crashed early Tuesday morning into an Oak Park home.

Another crashed into a parked car Tuesday in downtown Sacramento.

And if it seems like the drivers of these stolen state cars aren’t great behind the wheel, there’s a good reason for that.

Sacramento police say both of them were juveniles too young to have a license. Both drivers were just 15 years old.

“With this incident and others involving these vehicles, we have approximately six people in custody,” Sgt. Dustin Smith said.

Smith was on the scene of yet another stolen state vehicle recovery at Stockton and Diaz avenues.

Department of General Services Deputy Director Monica Hassan said Tuesday a security assessment has been completed on the parking facility. To beef up security here, they’re looking into getting electronic entry and exit systems.

Meanwhile, Sacramento police keep recovering the cars. Depending on whom you ask, they’ve still got a handful out there.

“The vehicle is a state vehicle,” Smith said. “It’s one of the few vehicles that was stolen from a parking lot downtown. But the vehicle has been recovered. There’s no damage to it.”

But as you’ve already seen, that hasn’t been the case for all 21 stolen cars, and the other cars or even the home that had the misfortune of being in their path.



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