VIDEO: Illinois woman says flight attendant sexually assaulted her on American Airlines flight


(KRON/CNN) — An Illinois woman says she was sexually assaulted on an American Airlines flight.

It was Mother’s Day weekend and Laurel Roberson was flying back home from Dallas when she says she was sexually assaulted and touched inappropriately on the breast by one of the flight attendants.

Roberson says the rest of the flight passed, and she tried to shake it off as an accident.

But after the flight she let another woman leave in front of her.

That’s when Robertson says things went too far.

“He grabbed my shoulder to physically stop me as I went forward,” Roberson said. “And he leaned over, and he said, ‘I saw what you did right there, letting her out. You are a nice girl.’ And he leaned in to kiss my lips. And I ducked my head, like this, so he kissed the side of my face. And my heart started pounding and all I could think was ‘get away from here.'”

After the incident, Roberson filed a complaint through customer relations and was informed that American Airlines could not release the company’s general sexual assault policy.

Roberson says her biggest concern is another woman could be assaulted.



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