VIDEO: 14 children stuck by diabetic needle at Fremont elementary school

FREMONT (KRON) — Fremont elementary school children were stuck by a diabetic needle last month, school officials said.

One student found the lancet at a bus turnaround at the school on May 26. The child picked it up, and a cafeteria staff member noticed it and confiscated it, according to Fremont Unified School District Public Information Officer Brian Kilgore.

One student and one employee at Cabrillo Elementary School are diabetic, but they have confirmed the diabetic lancet was not theirs, Kilgore said.

The student was taken to the principal’s office where the student initially denied using it on anyone, including himself.

On May 31, the principal started hearing from parents that their children may have been struck by the lancet, officials said. The principal and the school kept receiving names of children who were affected until about Jun. 2.

There were 14 people that may have been stuck, Kilgore said.

All concerned parents were contacted immediately to get the blood work done. They were told to contact their primary physicians and make sure the kids had their blood tested.

The school district made sure to send follow-up calls to these specific parents this week.

The student involved has been disciplined and is suffering consequences for their actions.

The school is in constant contact with the health department regarding this incident, Kilgore said.

Officials confirmed to KRON4 this was not an EpiPen injection.



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