Milwaukee teens caught dancing around with loaded gun in school bathroom, post video on Snapchat


MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin (KRON/CNN) — Two Milwaukee teens have been arrested after being caught waving a loaded gun in their school bathroom and then posting it on Snapchat.

Administrators at Whitefish Bay High School later saw the post and notified authorities immediately.

Police say they went to the first boy’s home and found the loaded gun behind his bed.

The second boy was also arrested at his home. Both teens are 15 years old.

Police say they have had contact with the two teens in the past and that the gun was stolen.

In fact, they say one of the boys had planned on selling the gun to a classmate.

The incident has alarmed not only administrators but also students.”

“I think the scariest part of this is that they had it with them all day at school, so at any point, something could have gone wrong, and it could have been a terrible accident going on,” student Eliot Hatch said.

Both students were taken to juvenile detention following the arrests.



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