Mother accused of abandoning 5-year-old girl near San Francisco Zoo identified

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The mother accused of abandoning her 5-year-old daughter near San Francisco Zoo has been identified as a 22-year-old woman, according to police.

Police say Samantha Patton left her 5-year-old daughter on the 2800 block of the Great Highway on Monday. The child landed on the concrete after being pushed out of the stopped car, authorities said.

Patton has been booked on two counts of child endangerment, one a felony and one a misdemeanor. Her bail is set at $75,000.

Before abandoning the child, Patton was throwing items out of her car, police said.

Patton drove away from the scene with her 1-year-old son, leaving the 5-year-old girl on the concrete, according to police.

Paramedics witnessed some of the incident. They treated the child, who was not hurt.

Police said a man with a skateboard was seen leaving the area on foot while the woman was throwing items from her car, and did not appear to have seen the child being pushed out of the car.

Police later located that man on Tuesday and identified him as the father of the 1-year-old that was in the vehicle, while the woman was identified as the mother of both children, police said.

Both the girl and the boy, who was found with a babysitter in Oakland, are now in the care of Child Protective Services. Patton also surrendered to police.

The father is cooperating with police and told them where to find the infant.

A spokesman for the District Attorney’s Office said police had not yet presented the case for prosecution as of Wednesday afternoon.

Police are still investigating the case.



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