VIDEO: Florida students create SMART straws that detect rape drugs


PINECREST, Florida (KRON/CNN) — Three high school students have invented a product that could save lives–SMART straws that detect rape drugs.

The three young women created the straw, which detects roofies, GHB, and ketamine. These three of the most common date rape drugs.

All you have to do is put the straw in your beverage. If the straw remains clear, it is safe to drink.

But if it turns blue, it has been tampered with.

The girls were inspired after learning learned 1 in every 5 women is the victim of rape.

“Just taking the precaution, keeping it with you, at least just try,” student Victoria Roca said. “It doesn’t affect you in any way so just to feel safe. That’s our main goal to make people feel safe.”

The SMART straw is a hit.

The girls entered their straw into a Florida business challenge and took home first place.

These students are now being encouraged to patent the SMART straw and develop more products to complement it.

All three of these women are planning to study business when they go to college.



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