VIDEO: Girl bit as rats, roaches found at Southern California elementary school


VILLA PARK (KRON/CNN) — An infestation of rats and roaches forced students temporarily out of an elementary school in Southern California.

It happened at the Villa Park Elementary School in Villa Park, which is about an hour away from Los Angeles.

Parents were told about the rats at a school meeting a few weeks ago, and children and staff members were moved out.

But students and teachers reported going home with itchy red bumps on their bodies since back in April.

And Orange County health officials say the bites are from mites which live on the rats.

“It just felt like little things just crawling all around me on my body,” said student Mika Slagoe, who was bitten. “I could see them crawling on my desk, on my books, on my neighbor’s desk?”

Vector control workers were on campus on Tuesday working on the infestation.

The superintendent of the Orange County Unified School District released a statement saying, “It’s likely that the rats were disturbed as work was being done to remove the old vacant buildings on campus. The district will continue to work with vector control to resolve the issue.”



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