Study: Drinking non-cow milk linked to shorter kids

(CNN Newsource) — A new study suggests children who drink dairy alternatives may end up shorter than those who drink cow’s milk.

The study’s lead author said the most surprising finding was that “the amount children were shorter depended on how much they were consuming.”

According to the report, each cup of non-cow’s milk consumed daily is associated with a loss of .15 inches in height compared to the average for a child’s age.

For example, a three-year-old who drinks three cups of rice, soy or almond milk each day would be more than half an inch shorter than a three-year-old who drinks three cups of dairy each day.

The study suggests one reason for the difference in height might be that plant-based milk does not stimulate insulin-like growth factor production, as well as cow’s milk does.

Some experts worry the study may be misleading.

One expert pointed out that taller children are not necessarily healthier, saying she does not think it’s appropriate to use height as a marker for health.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published the study Wednesday.



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