VIDEO: Golden State Warriors fans gearing up for watch parties in wake of possible NBA Finals sweep


NEWARK (KRON) — There is lots of excitement around the Bay Area for the Golden State Warriors, and even though the game is in Cleveland, there are going to be a lot of places for fans to watch.

The anticipation is brewing. Game 4 could be it, as this could be the deciding game.

And for those folks that couldn’t make it to Cleveland, a lot of them will be cheering from watch parties all across the Bay Area.

Dubnation fans are everywhere, and they’re getting ready for the party.

Watch parties for Friday’s game are being planned all over.

The Alameda Theatre will be airing Game 4 against the Cavaliers at 6 p.m. By Thursday afternoon, people wanting to buy tickets were too late.

All 750 available seats were sold out. It wasn’t a surprise.

Of course, Oracle Arena will hold its own watch party, like it did Wednesday night.

Over at O’ Sullivan’s in Newark, the sports bar is decked out with Warriors paraphernalia, photos of star players, and the entire Dubnation theme.

This joint gets really packed, and bartender Lisa Dapelo is expecting more of the same on Friday.

As always, they’ll be prepared. There will definitely be a party there.

And to top it off, the first 150 guests will get a free “sweep ’em” T-shirt.

Let’s hope for that win.



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