Gary’s Word: Warriors can now celebrate at home


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Friday night was a perfect example of how players play, and how fans and media critique.

Most observers felt the Warriors were just too good for the Cavaliers.

Kevin Durant was primed to replace LeBron James as the game’s No. 1. Golden State would end the evening as the first team to ever go 16-0 throughout the playoffs.

Wrong on all counts.

The one positive for Warrior followers, the championship celebration very well could now happen on the floor of Oracle Arena.

Breaking the game down individually–Kyrie Irving took Steph Curry apart, scoring 40 to Steph’s only 14.

Criticism of the referees from the losing side is a given but for the record, Warriors shot 36 free throws to Cleveland’s 31.

Sure, the NBA and ABC want as many games as possible, but when you lose by 21 points, that’s on you, not the officials.

Warrior fans, relax this weekend. Monday night should be a party.

Another loss and you can sweat a little bit, but honestly, does anybody really think Golden State can lose four in a row?

Get the champagne ready.



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