Gary’s Word: Warriors are the 2017 NBA champs

OAKLAND (KRON) — Hard to imagine but nights like this could very well become an every year thing for Golden state and their fans.

Durant, Curry, Thompson and Green all are under 30 years of age with contracts that apparently will keep all four with the Warriors.

After 18 months, at least of extreme pain, Steve Kerr ended the season with a smile on his face and his second title.

Combine these elements with the fun and entertainment this team provides and you very well might have the best show in all of sports.

The key to any attempt at a dynasty is to have every key player satisfied with his role. As long as Klay and Draymond remain satisfied as sidekicks to the Durant-Curry duo, Golden State should continue on top.

Hopefully the fans realize what they have here…a group of guys who not only are the best at what they do but by most every account a group of off the floor personalities that should make you proud to root for.

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