The World According to Gary: Can’t blame refs for Warriors’ Game 4 loss

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — On today’s edition of The World According to Gary, Mark Danon and Gary Radnich talk about the NBA Finals, the Stanley Cup, and an NFL running back on a weight loss mission.

While many people blame the referees for Golden State’s loss to Cleveland in Game 4, Gary won’t even go there. He says when you lose by 21 points, there’s no room for pointing fingers.

The Stanley Cup finals concluded last night in Nashville. The Pittsburgh Penguins defeated the Predators to become the first team in modern NHL history to win back-to-back cups.

Meanwhile in Seattle, running back Eddie Lacy is offered big bucks to lose a little weight. At today’s weigh-in, he’ll receive a $55,000 bonus if he steps on the scale three pounds lighter.  Do the math – That’s over $18k per pound.



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