VIDEO: South Bay high school students accused of creating, promoting “kill list” targeting African-Americans

CUPERTINO (KRON) — Some students at a South Bay high school are being accused of creating and promoting what local black leaders say was a “kill list” targeting African-American students.

The so-called “kill list” was allegedly being circulated on social media back in Sept. 2016 as part of what activists say is a hate crime targeting black students at Monta Vista High School in Cupertino.

“This is unconscionable,” activist Walter Wilson said. “We’re talking about killing people at school.”

Wilson and other South Bay activists on Tuesday denounced what they say was an attempt to incite violence against African-American students and women last fall at Monta Vista High School.

Richard Richardson is the attorney representing one of the students.

“They mention her by name, they made a specific and credible threat that they would riddle her with bullets and talked about how many bullets it would take,” Richardson said.

At least six or seven students are said to have been on the list.

The attorney for one of them produced what he says is an image from a school computer, later circulated on social media, which references lynching and uses the N-word repeatedly.

In a statement, Monta Vista High acknowledged what it described as racist, misogynist, inappropriate speech on social media, that it investigated the incident and took immediate disciplinary action, and due to safety concerns, reported the situation to the sheriff’s department.

But African-American leaders accused the high school and the Fremont Union High School District of sweeping the whole thing under the rug.

“The same thing happened at Columbine,” Wilson said. “Those kids made threats, they made bombs, people took it lightly and look what happened. Thank God that didn’t happen here, but God only knows what’s going out there at Monta Vista High School.”




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