VIDEO: Search for ‘armed and dangerous’ grandson who allegedly attacked grandfather in Southern California


POMONA (KRON) — Police in California are desperately searching for a man suspected of attacking his 82-year-old grandfather, causing him to go into a coma.

This man, Sammeon Christian Waller, is suspected of violently beating his own grandfather.

Robert McPherson was found in his Pomona home in Los Angeles County on Friday, suffering serious head injuries.

A neighbor had called the police to check on McPherson after he had not been seen or heard from in several days.

Police found the back window smashed and McPherson moaning on the ground.

Detectives learned he had a restraining order against his grandson.

One neighbor says the two had a rocky relationship.

“We kind of thought that sooner or later they were going to get into it,” neighbor Leon Holston said. “One of them threw a bat and it hit my Volkswagen, and I heard it hit, and I went out there to see what was going on, and I wouldn’t want to see anybody get hurt.”

McPherson’s 2003 Honda was stolen and later found in Sacramento with no trace of Waller. Police say

Police say Waller is considered armed and dangerous.



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