VIDEO: High school senior prank in Fremont results in vandalism, swastika graffiti


FREMONT (KRON) — Some high school students in Fremont are under fire after a senior prank resulted in vandalism and graffiti that included a swastika, according to KRON4’s Rob Fladeboe.

The senior prank is a tradition for graduating seniors to leave their mark or participate in some kind of prank at Irvington High School.

But as Rob reports, this year, the prank got out of control.

Mostly scrubbed clean, you can still make out the large, offensive swastika and other graffiti that was scrawled on the pavement in the courtyard at Irvington High. And you can still see traces of the flour and oil that was dumped onto the hallways.

Principal Sarah Barrious showed KRON4 how door locks were jammed with clay.

“As I walked down the hallways, I saw the flour and oil, and then I saw the graffiti and the profanity and how they had drawn pictures of human anatomy,” Barrious said.

A disappointed Barrious says as many as 50 seniors came onto campus on Sunday, and what was supposed to a senior prank, which usually results in mostly minor shenanigans, quickly got out of control.

Pipes and other things were tossed into the empty pool and profanity left on the pool walls.

“I think you have a high level of expectation for their behavior, so of course, it’s disappointing when they disrespect their campus and their school on their way out the door,” Barrious said.

The student newspaper, which posted the pictures of the entire class being made to clean up the mess, voiced its outrage at how hate symbols like a swastika had marred an otherwise light-hearted school tradition.

The investigation has concluded that there were a handful of instigators who will be allowed to walk at graduation on Friday, but they will have to come back and perform a few days of community service before they get their diplomas.



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