VIDEO: Cleaning up the confetti after Golden State Warriors championship parade


OAKLAND (KRON) — When it comes to a celebration, there has to be confetti, and of course, after the confetti comes the cleanup.

So, KRON4 looked at how the confetti cannons work and what’s done with the confetti pieces after the Golden State Warriors championship parade.

One of the best parts of the parade was the confetti, flying in the air all around you. Gabe thought it was so much fun. He talked with one of the confetti canon operators to learn a little more about their unique job.

“It works very simple,” confetti cannon operator Wally said. “We use these air pumps to push up air through the hose and then load the paper confetti and shoot it out into the air. There is a lever on top that you pull to make it work. Very simple. And fun!”

Wally operated the confetti cannon at 12th and Broadway. He was just one of dozens of spraying the crowd with the blue and yellow pieces.

Individually, they are light as a feather, but combined, there is a lot of paper being dropped.

“There is about 2,017 pounds of confetti being dropped today,” Wally said.

You might be thinking what this doing to the environment. Well, right after the parade passes, they come out with the leaf blowers to pile up the pieces, and then recycle trucks come by and sweep them up.

They better save those–we might need them next year.



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