VIRAL VIDEO: Hundreds of bees swarm inside Southern California home


HUNTINGTON BEACH (KRON/CNN) — Video of a large swarm of bees inside of a Southern California home has gone viral.

In this video, you can see thousands of bees not outside but inside the house all along the window.

The owner of the house in Huntington Beach says the bees were also found in the chimney where a hive was located.

The owner was in complete shock when she discovered the swarm.”

“A 10-foot door was covered with bees,” homeowner Noreen McLaughlin said. “I went to get my husband, and as I passed the living room, I see them on the curtains and all the windows in the living room. It was surreal.”

The reason why the bees swarmed inside the chimney is unknown, but experts say warmer temperatures might play a part.

The family eventually was able to get all the bees out of the house.



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