VIDEO: People visiting Alameda County Fair brave the heat


ALAMEDA COUNTY (KRON) — Bay Area residents visiting the Alameda County Fair braved the heat on Saturday, as temperatures approached triple digits.

During the noon hour Saturday, it was already 96 degrees in Livermore. It was the perfect moment to spend time at the Two Fountains downtown.

The fountains have always been a hot weather opportunity for introducing young children to the cooling attributes of water.

And if it’s 95 degrees in the shade, it must be time for the Alameda County Fair in Pleasanton where veteran fairgoers know to be prepared. Parasols were signs that you’ve been here before.

If you are really a veteran, you brought along portable cooling devices.

With temperatures that high, this became the most sought after ride on the midway–a roller coaster water ride.

If you’ve been to the fair before, you know how to dress.

For the uninitiated, they resorted to hand-held fans in hopes of keeping a child comfortable, but for adults, there is always a fairgoers tradition to deal with the heat.




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