VIDEO: Humpback whales make grand appearance in Bay Area waters

Humpback whale feeding under the Bay Bridge (Jennifer Hendershott)

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — This June an amazing number of humpback whales are making appearances in Bay Area waters, according to local experts.

Even for whale season, which kicked off in April, the Bay Area is seeing an unusual amount, particularly surrounding the Golden Gate Bridge.

It is typical to see two to three swimming together this time of year. However, experts with San Francisco Whale Tours report seeing as many as 18 at one time. They say this is the most they have ever seen.

Viewers have been reaching our to KRON4 all weekend long with photos and videos of these spectacular sea mammals.

With temperatures rising, there are also more boaters sharing the water.

Local whale experts are reminding people to be cautious of the humpbacks, which are protected by federal law.

Ship strikes and boat injuries are a common cause of death for the whales, experts said.

Boaters are advised to slow down if they see one to avoid a collision.



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