VIDEO: Customers find mouse peeking head through tomatoes at Stockton grocery store


STOCKTON (KRON/KTXL) — Usually, when you go to the grocery store, you’re not expecting to see any rodents.

But in Stockton, customers were surprised by one while picking up tomatoes.

In a video, you can see at least one mouse peeking its head through a bunch of tomatoes.

A customer says he made the discovery Sunday night at a Food 4 Less.

The San Joaquin County Environmental Health Department sent an inspector to the store who found evidence of rodent activity.

The agency ordered the store to close the affected areas in the produce section, remove all produce, clean and disinfect those areas, and take pest control measures.

Customers got a chance to see the video of the rodent sighting.

“I won`t buy any more tomatoes here,” customer Bennie Martin said.

“Oh no! That`s not good. I`m glad I didn`t buy those today,” customer Chris Thomas added.

Once employees were notified of the infestation, they threw the produce away, but they weren’t able to catch the rodents

The store has not released a statement.



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