Gary’s Word: Giants Fans

(Vince Cestone/KRON4)


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — In 2010, fans loved the Giants…2012 fans couldn’t believe how great they were…2014 fans were claiming dynasty….2017 get rid of everybody they are a bunch of bums.

We are finding out who are the real Giants fans.

A close friend of mine, Vince, is having trouble sleeping as the Giants sink lower and lower in the National League West.

My feelings have always been this is entertainment.

If you are bored or upset by what you are watching, just find something else to do with your time.

This doesn’t mean I am not a sports or baseball fan.

What it means is if I think a group of players and their manager were great in 2014, three years later, they are not a bunch of no talents.

It’s called equity, and the Giants franchise has built up plenty with me.

Yes, they are not very good this season, but I still enjoy putting my feet up at the end of the day and watch what Posey and Crawford are up to.

Trust me, look at sports as entertainment and not life or death and you will be able to get through this season while keeping your sanity.

Better yet, remember 10,12,14 and all the pleasure they gave you.

Sure, it will take a while but bet on it…the Giants will be back.



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