VIDEO: Brawl breaks out at Santa Rosa motel


SANTA ROSA (KRON) — A man says he is outraged by the way he was treated by Santa Rosa police last weekend outside the motel where he lives.

He recorded some of what happened. The video was recorded after police fired a taser at a man outside the Gold Coin Motel in Santa Rosa.

You can see what appears to be an all-out fight and officers hitting at least one person.

The man who sent KRON4 the video claims he was unlawfully detained and beaten.

He now has a broken foot and gashes on his face. The man says he was never arrested.

KRON4 reached out to Santa Rosa police. They tell KRON4 they responded to a loud disturbance and possible fight involving 10-to-15 people.

When they arrived, they saw a 2-year-old child and went to see what was happening.

They say they were confronted a short time later by two men who yelled obscenities at them and had to be held back.

At one point, one man threw a bottle.

Police say a short time later after several commands were made, they fired a taser to subdue the two men and took them both into custody.



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