VIDEO: Heat wave makes BART ride uncomfortable to some


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The heat wave is making for an uncomfortable commute for some.

Anyone who has been on a BART train lately knows that the hot temperature outside translates to a hot, cramped ride inside a capsule with hundreds of people crammed in together.

Some of the train cars have a good air conditioning system on board, which helps, but many complain their air conditioner units are not very good…that is when they are working.

KRON4 talked to a lot of people who say the climate control system in most of the trains doesn’t work at all, which is bad because now is the time when a good air conditioner would come in real handy.

“It is very often not working, and it’s miserable,” BART rider Christine Landry said. “When it’s working, it’s a whole different experience.”

“Yeah, it’s really cramped sometimes, and there are a lot of people squished together,” commuter Nicole Clarkan added. “Yesterday, there was an accident or something wrong with one of them, and it was really, really hot.”


Temperatures are expected to go up later this week, and so, it seems BART riders are going to have to endure more of the same inside the metal boxes they use to get from here to there.



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