College student pranks mom, recreates family photos with her dog

Photo courtesy Marissa Hooper (@mhooper_2014 on Twitter)

WAXAHACHIE, Tex. (WFLA) — A college student from Texas is going viral after replacing family photos in her house with pictures of her dog.

Over the weekend, 21-year-old Marissa Hooper posted pictures of family photos that she recreated with her 7-year-old dog, Dixie.

Hooper says she was at her parents’ house with her older sister one afternoon looking at all of the family photos on the wall when she got the idea.

“My sister looked over at me and asked if I thought that they went around and looked at all of these pictures when they missed us, or if I thought they would even notice if we moved them around,” she said.

Photo courtesy Marissa Hooper (@mhooper_2014 on Twitter)

Then she decided to take it a step further.

“I saw the opportunity to have a little fun with them,” Hooper said, adding that her family loves to joke around.

That’s when Hooper says she started using small objects around the house to recreate some of the family photos with Dixie. She says she would swap out the pictures when her mom was in the shower or out of the house.

The first photos Hooper recreated were one of her sister in kindergarten and another of her grandmother. She says it took her mom about two weeks to find that set.

“Embarrassingly, she found those while company was over and knew immediately it had to be one of us playing a joke on her,” Hooper said.

The next photo she recreated was her graduation photo, featuring Dixie in a graduation cap. Hooper says it only took her mom about two days to notice it. When she did, her mother texted her reaction, which Hooper also included in the tweet.

Hooper posted the tweet Saturday. By Wednesday, it had more than 31,000 retweets and 73,000 likes.

“I didn’t expect it to reach such a wide audience, but I’m happy to get so many laughs and be able to share Dixie with everyone,” Hooper said.

Photo courtesy Marissa Hooper (@mhooper_2014 on Twitter)

She says she’s had three general responses so far. The first is that people love Dixie in the pictures. The second is people thinking her mom is hilarious for commenting about Dixie being cuter than her daughter.


But Hooper said the third reaction she’s received is her favorite.

“They say they got a really good laugh out of it, which I love to hear because that was the prank’s original purpose.”

Photo courtesy Marissa Hooper (@mhooper_2014 on Twitter)

Hooper says she plans to recreate more photos.

“I definitely planned on doing more just for the fun of it and since it seems everyone enjoyed seeing the recreations, I will post those when I try again,” she said.



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