Gary’s Word: Raiders’ quarterback Derek Carr gets paid


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Raider quarterback Derek Carr, for the moment, is on the verge of becoming the highest paid per season player in NFL history.

Is he or any athlete outside of giants like Tom Brady, LeBron James, or Steph Curry really worth that much?

In the real world, probably not, but the timing for Carr couldn’t be better.

No 1., of course, he is an outstanding football player.

The way the Raiders collapsed at the end of the year after Carr was injured certainly proved his value.

Let’s also not forget with the team eventually moving to Las Vegas, the franchise will be using Derek Carr in all of their promotional ventures…he is the face of the franchise.

Critics are saying he’s not New England’s Brady, Green Bay’s Aaron Rogers, or even Atlanta’s Matt Ryan, but to the Raiders franchise, he may be equally if not more valuable.

It’s not easy being an Oakland Raiders fan these days with the Vegas move hanging over your head, but it will be made a little easier knowing Carr is locked up.



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