VIDEO: Auto repair shops overwhelmed by requests for service due to triple digit heat


CONCORD (KRON) — Auto repair shops say they’ve been overwhelmed recently by requests for service thanks to the triple digit heat.

The most-dire needs were getting the air conditioning fixed, blown out tires, bad brakes, and engines overheating.

“With this heat, it’s been crazy,” Concord Auto Service owner Ken Barsabal said.

Barsabal and his mechanics have been living under the hood for nearly two weeks now.

“People are coming in here trying to pay double to get their cars fixed for their ACs…just to get in front of somebody else,” Barsabal said.

Ken says he’s not accepting walk-ins at the moment. He simply can’t because of the backlog.

He’s about three days behind on repairs due to high demand.

And Ken says it’s not easy working in a shop when it’s more than 100 degrees outside.

It can get much warmer inside.

That’s why he’s got a water cooler and five fans blowing around the shop to keep his guys cool.

“Oh yeah, I can’t have my guys die in this heat,” Barsabal said.

Dave Timmons owns Timmons Auto and Truck Repair in Pleasant Hill.

“When it gets cold, we do a lot of batteries,” Timmons said. “When it gets hot, we do a lot of batteries.”

He’s been in business for 21 years and says the summer time is always extra busy.

And the last few weeks have been no different with business jumping up 25 percent.

“We do get customers coming in here that before we’ve told them their AC wasn’t working properly, and they put it off and put it off, but now everybody’s, in a rush to get it done.”

And mechanics are up for the challenge.

The key, of course, is staying hydrated.

Both shops KRON4 stopped by have coolers stocked with water to keep the line moving.



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