VIDEO: Chimpanzee dies after fall, fight at Kansas City zoo


KANSAS CITY, Missouri (KRON) — A violent exchange in a Kansas City zoo leaves a chimpanzee dead.

The chimp climbed into a tree while fighting with other chimps. Then, the animal fell nearly 40 feet to his death.

One zoo visitor captured on camera what happened next.

One zoo official said chimps fight from time to time to establish dominance, but Thursday morning`s aggression level was unexpected.

He says during the fight, the 31-year old chimp, Bahati, climbed onto a tree branch that could not hold his weight.

“He ended up falling and getting some pretty severe internal injuries,” Animal Curator Sean Putney said. “We know that animals are born and animals die and everywhere in between, but we want people to be able to come out and experience the lighter side of the zoo and not have to deal with the tragedy.”

The zoo staff members say they are hurting over Bahati`s death and are sorry people saw the fall.



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