VIDEO: Colorado mother says TSA dumped her breast milk at security


DENVER (KRON) — A Colorado mother says she was shocked after she says the TSA dumped her baby’s breast milk.

Now, the new mom believes TSA may have violated its own rules.

The mother says she familiarized herself with TSA guidelines, so she packed a bottle with breast milk in a cooler in her carry on.

Britney Shawstad says the TSA officer screened the bottles then tested the bottles with strips.

But they told her the bottles were setting off the alarm.

What the agent did next left her shocked and in tears.

“He walked away for a couple of minutes and came back with an empty bottle,” Shawstad said. “It’s my baby’s food, so of course, I’m gonna cry and I’m gonna be upset. When someone dumps your child’s food in front of you, it`s not a good feeling.”

Shawstad had to buy formula at the airport but couldn’t shake off the incident especially since TSA rules allow mothers to travel with breast milk.

She filed a complaint and TSA, which has since apologized saying, “Standard checkpoint procedures were not followed to resolve the alarm.”



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