VIDEO: Benicia burglars targeting homes with ‘For Sale’ signs out front


BENICIA (KRON) — Benicia police are warning people who are selling their homes to be on the lookout for burglars targeting homes with “For Sale” signs out front.

A lieutenant at the police department says there have been five homes for sale that have been burglarized since the beginning of May.

The homes were vacant but staged.

In two cases, squatters were living inside the homes. In other cases, the burglars made off with staged electronics.

So, police put out a Facebook message warning people about the crimes.

“Our second step in this is now meeting with all the local realtors, and advising them of the trend that we have noticed in town, and providing tips to them that can help their clients so they’re not victimized in the future,” Lt. Damiean Sylvester said.

The meeting will be sometime next week when officers will focus on staging a home safely.

As for the two squatters, they identified them by connecting them to license plates. Police have not released those names yet.

No arrests have been made yet because they’re suspects in other Bay Area burglaries, and there’s a jurisdictional issue police are trying to work out.



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