VIDEO: Dog stolen in Oakland apartment burglary


OAKLAND (KRON) — An Oakland woman is making an emotional plea for help finding her missing pup.

On Thursday, someone broke into Destiny Weber’s apartment and stole her 2-pound Teacup Yorkie, Zoey.

Destiny says she’s heartbroken.

Whoever took the pup broke into the victim’s home during the day.

He or she stole some valuables but also took a 2-pound dog whose owner is devastated.

Webster came home from work to find the screen on her bedroom window smashed and the window open.

Inside, someone had rummaged through her belongings and taken her iPad, camera, and some jewelry. But most troubling of all, Destiny’s dog was missing.

The pup should have been locked inside this cage but she was nowhere to be found.

Destiny is devastated.

“She’s just the sweetest spirit that I’ve ever known…and I want her back,” Weber said.

Destiny called 911 and Oakland police are investigating, but so far, there’s no sign of the missing pup.

Zoey wasn’t wearing her collar at the time, and she doesn’t have a microchip.

Destiny is now trying to get the word out through social media.

She’s also putting up posters and calling everyone she knows for help.

“Contact family and friends. Really hitting social media,” Weber said.

Destiny also hopes that whoever took Zoey will bring her back.

“I am so sorry for whatever you’re going through. I know it must be hard, but my dog had nothing to do with that…,” Weber said. “Zoey has been my spirit animal since I got her, and she means everything to me. Please bring her back. No questions asked. You can keep everything else. Just please bring my dog back to me.”

Zoey weighs about 2 pounds, she’s black and brown, and she was taken sometime during the day from the Redwood Heights area of Oakland.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Oakland Police Department.




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