VIDEO: Gigantic Pink Triangle assembled on San Francisco’s Twin Peaks ahead of Pride weekend


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Volunteers have begun to assemble the giant Pink Triangle on Twin Peaks in San Francisco.

The Pink Triangle is a symbol that has been associated with Gay Pride weekend for the last 22 years.

The gigantic display can be seen for miles around the Bay Area.

It’s almost 200 feet across and is about 1 acre in size, and this project all began as an outlaw art project.

“We’re trying to commemorate the gays in the Holocaust that were forced to wear pink triangles,” Pink Triangle Founder Patrick Carney said. “We’re wearing pink triangles on our own outfits and by choice whereas they had no choice in the concentration camps.”

On Friday, crews put up the pink V and the two sides of the triangle. On Saturday, 225 people will fill the center part, Carney said.

The triangle consists of 1 acre of pink fabric, 175 tarps, and 5,000 12-inch spikes.

As quickly as the symbol appears, it goes down.

Volunteers will pack up the triangle Sunday evening.



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