Bullied Vallejo sixth grader showered with gifts from strangers

(KRON)  A sixth grader who was badly bullied at her middle school in Vallejo had a smile on her face Saturday as she was showered with gifts from strangers.

The good samaritans heard what happened to Branieka Lovette because of a KRON4 story and wanted to show that bullies never win.

Those gifts included a brand new bike, balloons, candy, art supplies, and next week a 42-inch tv will arrive at her house.

All the presents were spearheaded by Montre Everett who lives  thousand miles away in Georgia.

“I just want to present to you these gifts, and I just want to give you a hug because I love you because of who you are. You don’t have to change who you are for no one.”

After KRON4 aired a story about Branieka getting pummeled at Solano Middle School, Everett couldn’t stand idly by.

“I heard about your story. I saw it online and it broke my heart because I’m from here. I’m from Vallejo, California, born and raised here and that shouldn’t happen here.” “Back then it wasn’t great and today is wonderful and I’m happy.”

Everett founded the Ironmen Foundation, a nonprofit that mentors young men in life and career skills, and has awarded ten thousand dollars in college scholarships.

He was in town this week for his 25th high school reunion, so he reached out to his old classmates, who pitched in with hundreds of dollars in gifts for the middle schooler.

Though the school year is over, Branieka’s mom was able to get her transferred to another school for next year because of the bullying.

Everett says  the Ironmen Foundation will keep tabs on Branieka all through middle and high school “you have a new uncle in me.”



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