Man accused of stabbing parents over lack of air conditioning

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – This week’s heat didn’t go over too well for one Albuquerque man who is accused of stabbing his dad over a lack of air conditioning.

According to a criminal complaint 49-year-old, Robert Generosa threatened both his parents with a knife before cutting his dad in the face and beating him.

Generosa’s parents say it all started because he was angry their house was not air conditioned.

He was arrested early Friday morning after his mom called the police.

During his first appearance in court Saturday, Generosa made some uninvited comments about the charges against him.

Judge: “Have you seen the criminal complaint, do you know what you are being charged with?”

Generosa: “Yeah, it’s disgusting. It makes me sick just reading it.”

Generosa also told the judge he doesn’t have the $5,000 needed to get out of jail.



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