Alameda County Sheriff: Castro Valley woman had 500 exotic birds on her property


CASTRO VALLEY (KRON) — Deputies from the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office visited a Castro Valley home on Tuesday to deal with 500 exotic birds found on the property.

The home, which was previously visited by state, fish, and game officials, is on the outskirts of Castro Valley. It has a menagerie of exotic birds.

There are so many birds that neighbors have made numerous complaints about noise, odors, and an infestation of flies each time they opened a door or a window.

“They did a walkthrough with Miss Phan and her attorney,” Alameda County sheriff Sgt. Ray Kelly said. “We had basically a meet and confer, and we walked through during that walkthrough we had conversations with her about conditions. We were able to discover that the bird population was reduced by half. We then noticed her that she has 30 days to reduce (her) population of birds to 50, and at the conclusion of that 30 days, we’d like to come back and make sure you have 50 birds.”

The homeowner had as many as 500 exotic birds on the property.

She is attempting to sell or otherwise relocate enough of them to become compliant with the 50-bird limit.

The home is located in the 5700 block of Jensen Road.

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