VIDEO: Family members deny allegations of affair as possible motive in disappearance of San Francisco father

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Family members are pushing back against allegations of an affair, which are being described as a possible motive in the disappearance of a father.

This, as we wait for investigators to identify remains found in Hayward.

Those remains were found in a warehouse where Bob Tang, the person of interest in the case, once worked.

The family says the rumors of an affair are just plain false. They tell KRON4 that Piseth Chhay loved his family and was a family man.

His cousin says this is a tough time for them, and to hear people say something like that was happening is just wrong.

“It’s, it’s…honestly, it’s hell,” Sovanarath Chi said. “This is hell. I don’t wish this upon anyone.”

Chi is describing what the last month has been like. She’s a cousin of the missing Uber driver Chhay.

He hasn’t been seen since Mother’s Day and the person of interest in the case is Bob Tang, a friend of Chhay, who is believed to have fled to Cambodia.

“Although Bob might possibly be in Cambodia, I’m sure that his family possibly knows something and just cooperate with the police and help us find my cousin and find justice,” Chi said.

Last weekend, police recovered human remains in a Hayward warehouse where Tang had worked. Authorities are testing those remains to see if they are Chhay’s.

Rumors have surfaced in the community that Chhay may have been having an affair with Tang’s wife.

Chhay’s cousin says no way.

“I know that my cousin is a very faithful guy,” Chi said. “I don’t believe that he had an affair whatsoever with her. He is very faithful to a point where when I said growing up, I told him I wish to find a husband like you.”

Chi says the last time she saw Tang was after her cousin went missing and before Tang went missing, “He was just pretty strange,” Chi said. “He was just kind of jittery and was looking at his phone constantly. And was just lost for words. It was unusual for me. And it’s also frustrating for me to know that Bob was able to escape so early on. I mean, we can say that he has escaped because he is no longer here to be questioned.”

Police have told the family of the missing Uber driver that it will likely take two weeks to see if Chhay’s remains were in fact in that warehouse in decomposing in bags.



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