VIDEO: Hayward residents furious after string of mail thefts caught on camera


HAYWARD (KRON) — Hayward residents are furious that someone is breaking into their mailboxes and stealing their personal items, and many of the thefts have been caught on camera.

One resident reached out to KRON4 News and is hoping that the United States Postal Service will finally step in and help.

In one video, you can see one man boldly going up to a front door and taking a package that isn’t his. He also checks out all of the mailboxes and takes everything.

This is all happening at the Camden Housing Complex area and residents are furious that they are getting ripped off.

“We had a neighbor who recorded a video of the individuals, and they even overheard them say, ‘Hey, which master key is it?'” resident Peggy said.

Peggy reached out to KRON4 about what is happening near her home.

“A lot of the biggest fears is that they might be stealing checks that are going out or any kind of credit card information, and identity theft, we’re mostly concerned about,” she said.

Peggy says neighbors have sent videos to the homeowners association, the police, and the United States Postal Service.

“There is just a lot of finger pointing…,” Peggy said.

Stealing mail comes with a hefty penalty.

“It’s a federal offense [stealing mail], potential penalty of up to five years and up to $250,000 fine,” USPS Inspector Jeff Fitch said.

Fitch says he is aware of the situation and has inspectors on the case.

“We know that mail theft is taking place in Hayward, Union City, and Fremont. We’re actually seeing it throughout Alameda County and throughout Contra Costa County,” Fitch said.

“We have had some arrests for package thefts…,” Hayward police officer Tasha DeCosta said.

Officer DeCosta says the department understands the public’s frustration and encourages residents to keep sending videos to them.

Often times, they know the suspects and can make an arrest.

Fitch says calling USPS is also key, so they can get the video evidence and crack down on these bold thieves.



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