VIDEO: Parents protest against proposed marijuana dispensary in San Francisco’s Sunset neighborhood


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A medical marijuana dispensary proposed for San Francisco’s Sunset neighborhood is the subject of a noisy protest in front of City Hall on Tuesday.

The group chanted, “No marijuana, no marijuana,” and carried signs against cannabis as they marched.

The demonstrators say they think a pot dispensary is a bad fit for the area, raising concerns about the smell of marijuana smoke and an increase in crime in the area.

They say because there is a daycare center and a preschool not far away, the city should deny the permit.

“I’m just really worried about the impact the youth,” resident Susanna Chia said. “Because they say, ‘Oh, it’s legalized so it must be right, it must be ok,’ and also, they’re trying to make cookies and candies. Yeah, a lot of the merchants on Noriega are not supportive of it so respect the neighborhood.”

A spokesperson for the proposed dispensary says it will not allow the consumption of pot in or around the shop, and they’ve never had a single police incident at their other facility in the Castro.

They say there is support for marijuana in the neighborhood, pointing to polling data that shows the majority of Sunset District residents voted in favor of the recent legislation legalizing the recreational use of pot.




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