VIDEO: BART installs security cameras on all trains

SAN FRANCISCO — BART officials have completed installing security cameras in all of their train cars Wednesday.

The $1.42 million project came after the transit company admitted that most of the cameras on their trains were fake.

BART promised that all trains would have functioning cameras by Jul. 1.

In Jan. 2016, a 19-year-old man was shot and killed on a train. After the shooting BART announced that most of the cameras on its trains were bogus.

As a result, all of BART 669 trains were outfitted with camera devices.

BART officials said the new cameras bolster their existing security infrastructure network, which includes cameras on platforms, inside and outside stations and on police officers themselves.

The cameras and digital recording devices provide high-quality images from onboard BART trains and each car has four cameras on board, according to the agency.

BART officials said the cameras have a useful life of six to seven years, which coincides with the time it will take for the agency’s aging train cars to be retired from service as BART welcomes a new fleet of cars, which have been designed with built-in cameras.

The transit agency said its original in-train camera deployment included a mix of real and decoy cameras that were installed in the late 1990s and early 2000s as a deterrent against vandalism.

Now that every car is outfitted with a working camera, BART officials said any rider who becomes the victim of a crime should take note of the number of the car they were in.

That number is posted above the end doors of each car and having that number will make it easier for investigators to track down the video associated with any report of criminal activity.





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