VIDEO: Bay Area mom runs 100-mile race through tough Tahoe terrain

SQUAW VALLEY (KRON) — If you think running a marathon would be hard, try running a 100-mile race through rugged terrain in Tahoe.

That’s what one Bay Area mom did over the weekend.

Bree Lambert, 48, competed in the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run. She only lasted for 62 miles, but that’s still way more than most people would last.

Lambert joined the KRON4 Morning News to tell KRON4 anchor Darya Folsom about her experience.

The grueling 100-mile foot race goes through the rugged mountain trails from Squaw Valley to Auburn.

The runners climb more than 18,000 feet in freezing mountain trails and descend nearly 23,000 feet in sweltering 100-degree heat before reaching the finish line.

They keep moving the entire 100 miles from morning through night – with the goal to finish in 24 hours.

Lambert is the USA Track and Field Masters Ultra Runner of the Year (Mountain Division).

The personal trainer, running coach, nutritionist and ultra-athlete has run 70 Ultra marathons and will tackle this race for the second time.

As one of the Bay Area’s most prominent and decorated endurance athletes, Bree is an expert on endurance races, as well as an expert on mental and physical stamina needed to survive and finish this race.



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