VIDEO: Los Angeles installs rumble strips to prevent street racing


LOS ANGELES (KRON) — A popular Los Angeles illegal street racing spot has turned deadly, and city officials are implementing ways to try and prevent it once and for all.

The so-called Canoga Speedway in San Fernando Valley is where nine people have died from racing incidents in the last five years.

In 2015, two men were killed while watching a race when one of the drivers lost control and plowed into the crowd.

About a week ago, rumble strips were installed. The move is part of a $14,000 pilot program.

Just in the last week, speeds are down about 10 percent, but now, not all drivers think it’s the right path.

“There are enough potholes in the city,” driver Jerry Hokanson said. “We don’t need extra bumps and stuff to tear up your car.”

“There’s a great likelihood that they are not going to get traction they need to compete at the level they want to compete at,” police Capt. Andy Neiman said.

District 12 Councilman Mitch Englander says rumble strips don’t harm your car and that people can even drive at normal speeds.



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