VIDEO: San Jose family sees fire burning dangerously close to home


SAN JOSE (KRON) — Homes are threatened and people have been evacuated as thousands of acres are burning across California.

And it is just the beginning of wildfire season.

In the Bay Area, a San Jose family saw firsthand the potential for disaster.

As the weather heats up, fire danger rises.

Just on Wednesday, a fire burned dangerously close to a home in San Jose.

KRON4’s J.R. Stone spoke with those in that home who tried to fight the fire themselves. They told KRON4 the workers outside heard fireworks go off, and then they saw smoke and soon they saw flames.

Out there, you can see the part of the field that burned. It is charred black.

Cellphone video shows neighbors who fought the fire with hoses. They were able to protect the homes too.

There was no damage to any structures and about 15 acres were burned.

Watch the above video to see J.R.’s full report.



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