VIDEO: Las Vegas woman uses sun screens as billboard to save children’s lives


LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– The hot temperatures in the Las Vegas valley have prompted one local woman to save children’s lives.  April Washington used sun visors to create a reminder for parents to “look back” and check for children before leaving their vehicles.

“Before you get out of your car every day, just look back for the children in your back seat,” Washington said.

The shades sold in her storefront on First Street in downtown Las Vegas sparked an idea that led to a business after she saw a report in the 90s on Channel 8.

“There was a lady that went to lunch or something and forgot about her son.  She dropped him son off at the sitter, but forgot about that son because she was chasing the other son or something,” said Washington.

It was a story that affected her deeply and bothered her for 17 years.

Washington continued and got emotional as she said, “When I hear it on the news or read it in the papers; or see it on Facebook,” in response to numerous other incidents that have happened around the valley.

Washington says she created the shades not as a way to judge parents, but as a reminder.

“I never left my kids in the car, but I believe it happens, Washington said.  “I believe a lot of people do it as an accident. I don’t think people do it intentionally.  “I really don’t.  “You can’t judge them because sometimes you get so overwhelmed in life, you just forget.”

The shades have become popular across the country thanks to photos with celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez.

Washington says she doesn’t make much on what she hopes has become a lifesaving product.  In fact, she says she gives away some of the shades and steering wheel covers.

“It’s become an epidemic, and that’s what I’m trying to curb, said Washington. “I know I can’t save everyone, but if I could save one that’ll make me feel really really good.

Washington says she’s currently fundraising to complete the design for a prototype for an electronic keychain reminder. She says she’s still trying to raise another $6,000.

If you’d like to help her fundraising efforts or purchase one of her shades go here.



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