VIDEO: Rocks thrown at drivers on Georgia highway during rush hour


ATLANTA, Georgia (KRON) — Police are looking for the suspects who threw rocks at multiple cars on a freeway in Georgia.

No one was hurt, but there was some major damage to the cars.

Some witnesses say they saw teens throwing rocks from a cliff that hugs Interstate 85 in Atlanta.

The driver says her 9-year-old daughter was almost hit but was crouched over right when the rock was thrown.

Another driver says she thought someone fired a gun at her car

“I honestly thought I was being shot at because it was just so loud,” driver Jane Yi said. “I’m just so grateful I didn’t get hit in the front because if my front windshield shattered like my back, I would probably be blind. I could have swerved and hit another car and killed myself.”

Police say that is not the first time people have thrown rocks from that cliff.

Some drivers say they will now try to avoid that part of the highway.



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