CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Hot air balloon lands in pond with alligators


ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. (CNN Newsource) — Amid screams and alligators, a hot air balloon landed in a pond near Disney World in Orange County on Monday morning.

The Florida Highway Patrol said there were 16 people and the pilot on board when the balloon crashed around 8 a.m.

One person aboard the balloon captured cell phone video of the splashdown and part of the subsequent panic.

The pilot told troopers that as he was coming in for a landing at the designated landing strip adjacent to the retention pond there was an issue with the wind.

Nobody was hurt, but a child was treated and later released, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

One passenger who was on the balloon ride with his girlfriend said he is glad to be alive.

“There was adrenaline — it was pumping. But it was scary. Now we’re making fun of it, but it was serious. It was lucky that no one got hurt,” Sebastian Westerby, a passenger, told WFTV.

The pond, which is near mile marker eight on State Road 429, is home to alligators, WFTV reported.  Video from WFTV later showed at least one alligator in the water.

Orlando Balloon Rides is the owner of the balloon, which was removed from the pond after about an hour.

Cell phone video provided to WESH by Jacob Malherbe was recorded by a passenger on the hot air balloon. The video shows the balloon descending and landing.

During the landing, the pilot calmly speaks to the passengers, but as the gondola begins to sink some people are heard screaming.

— WFLA contributed to this report



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